Embrace life 

Las Planadas de Escamequita
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Close to the Best Beaches

Our lots are near Yankee Beach, one of the top surfing beaches on Nicaragua's Pacific coast. A hidden beach is also just 3 minutes away. The new Costanera road, which will soon connect all the Pacific beaches, is coming. We're 20 minutes from San Juan and walking distance to Escamequita's cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Flat Land and Easy Access

Flat land means easy building and less cost. Good soil for gardens. Safe for kids. Buses come right here, easy for work or guests. Close to San Juan. Perfect for your home.

Explore village life walking from Las Planadas

Everything you need is just a walk away. Your daily essentials are covered with small local stores, a local school for the kids, a nearby pharmacy, and a first-aid medical center.At least 7 dining and fast food restaurants, 3 bars, and a cozy cafe, some offering thematic nights in a community spirit. Enjoy the beautiful equestrian center, Zipline adventures, and a community field for soccer and baseball. Plus, the pickleball courts await your friendly matches. Life here is easy, vibrant, and all within walking distance.

Quality Locations Bring Quality People

Take a look at Villa Mariposa, a stunning example of what's already been built. It's incredible! We're excited for the community growing together here. We'll always bring positivity to this project, creating something truly cool and welcoming.

Maximize Your Earnings, Minimize Your Efforts

Our Escamequita lots are a prime choice for investors seeking hassle-free income. We take care of it all – from maintaining your property to optimizing your Airbnb listings, ensuring that your investment continues to yield returns effortlessly. Let us make your property work for you, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Surfing: Dance with Waves at Yankee Beach

Experience Escamequita, a serene natural setting steps from Yankee Beach, Nicaragua's top surf destination.

Taste and Fun in Escamequita Village

Discover in Escamequita a world of flavors at our cozy restaurants and unwind in lively bars. Enjoy music and connect with expats at vibrant gatherings. Taste the local street food for real excitement. It's a place where community and joy meet.

Artistry Unveiled

Introducing La Villa Mariposa: A testament to architectural elegance. Handrafted by local artisans, this 2-bedroom villa with a pool epitomizes luxury living in Las Planadas.

Abundant Possibilities

This garden grows on our Las Planadas farm, just like the gardens you can start on our nearby lots. Simple, fertile, and full of life—start your green paradise here.

Nature's Harvest

A designated space in Las Planadas is set aside for a future grocery and fruit store, promising to bring fresh provisions and convenience to our growing community.

Vital Connections

Our lots come ready with water and electricity connections, ensuring a smooth start to building your dream home.

Dream Home Assistance: Turning Visions into Reality

Our dedicated support in building your dream home. With our extensive connections and competitive prices, we offer the expertise needed to bring your vision to life. From design to project management. Let's transform your aspirations into a stunning reality.

Horseback Riding to Secret Beach

Discover a hidden paradise near Escamequita on horseback. Explore enchanting trails, guided by the rhythmic hooves, to uncover a secluded oasis of tranquility.

San Juan Del Sur's Splendor

Near the captivating San Juan del Sur, a vibrant tapestry of culture, nightlife, and endless possibilities for dining, entertainment, and shopping.

..with the purchase of an century farm known as "Finca Escamequita" or "La Hacienda". Originally a cattle farm producing milk and cheese, we've transformed it. We planted thousands of trees and more than twenty different kinds of fruit trees. Additionally, we've established vegetable gardens and medicinal herb patches, greatly enhancing the farm's lush and vibrant organic landscape. Spanning 75 acres, with 20 dedicated to reforestation, we've enriched a diverse ecosystem. Besides farming, we've built small Casitas, welcoming visitors worldwide to share in our paradise and enjoy the nearby beaches. From this beautiful land, we selected the prime location to develop beautiful lots for others to join our community, hoping they find the same joy and peace we have with our family. We invite you to be part of this earthly paradise.

Own Your Dream Lot Now, Starting
at $24,000!
What are the sizes and prices of the lots available?
Our lots start at $29,000 for approximately 1000 sqm, with sizes ranging up to 1350 sqm. Prices are approximately $29 per sqm.
Can I see a map of the lot layout?
Yes, a map is available upon request.
What does turnkey lot mean?
Turnkey lots mean that each plot comes ready with connections to electricity and water, making them immediately ready for construction.
What kind of infrastructure is in place at Las Planadas de Escamequita?
We have installed a comprehensive water drainage system, electrical infrastructure, and access roads to ensure that all lots are well-equipped and sustainable.
What is the HOA fee and what does it cover?
In Las Planadas, HOA fees are approximately $11 to $15 per month. These fees contribute to the maintenance of common areas and infrastructure within the community.
Can foreigners buy property at Las Planadas de Escamequita?
Yes, foreigners can purchase property with the same rights as local buyers. You only need a copy of your passport to proceed with the sale.
What financing options are available for purchasing a lot?
We offer financing options with a flat annual interest rate of 9%. Monthly payments start at $500 per lot, making it accessible and manageable to finance your dream lot over time.
What construction services do you offer to lot buyers?
We provide comprehensive construction management services, from design to project completion. Our team can handle all aspects of building your dream home, ensuring that it meets your specifications and budget. We charge a management fee based on the project budget to deliver a turnkey solution.
What type of environment and lifestyle can I expect in Las Planadas de Escamequita?
Las Planadas de Escamequita offers a tranquil and natural setting ideal for those looking to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle away from busy areas. With its rich biodiversity, access to organic farming, and proximity to beautiful beaches, it's perfect for nature lovers and those passionate about relax or sustainable living.
How close is the community to nearby attractions and amenities?
Las Planadas de Escamequita is conveniently located just 20 minutes from San Juan Del Sur and close to several popular surf beaches like Playa Yankee and Playa Hermosa. The community is also near essential local amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and nice activities.
Can I view the lot before purchasing?
Absolutely! We encourage potential buyers to visit and see the lots for themselves. We can arrange a guided tour of the property to help you choose the perfect spot for your dream home. Just contact us to schedule a visit.
What are the steps to purchase property in Nicaragua?
After reaching an agreement with the seller, a sale promise or sales deed is drafted by a lawyer. Next, the land is surveyed by an official surveyor, followed by the drafting of the public sale purchase agreement. The property must then be registered, transfer taxes (DGI) paid, and finally, you will receive the new property title.
How can I reserve my lot now?
To reserve your lot:

1. Reach out to us via WhatsApp.
2. Choose your desired lot.
3. Pay $1,000 deposit to secure your reservation.

That’s it! We’ll guide you through the rest.